Pure PLA

Pure PLA is the first filament product of BotFeeder and this is the reason why BotFeeder is here in the first place. We understand safety is extremely important to you and can not be compromised. With that in mind, we are making one of the safest PLA for you. It contains nearly 100% PLA that releases the least amount of VOCs and UPFs. Ever since then, all BotFeeder filament products follow the same trait.

Standard PURE NEO
Safety 4 of 5 5 of 5 4.5 of 5
Strength & Toughness 3 3 4.5
Removal of Support Structures 3 3 4.5
Surface Quality 4 4 4.5
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Pure PLA Features

1. Stable Product Quality

All products are made of virgin materials to ensure unchanging quality and quantity during production, and all materials used for filaments are supplied by globally well-known resin manufacturers.

2. Strictly Monitored Production

Every step throughout the entire production is closely monitored and controlled, including filaments' diameter and roundness, and ensure products themselves are clean and uncontaminated.

3. Anti-Moist Treatment

Further precautionary quality-control measures are taken by making sure all raw materials have undergone drying treatment before production, as the practice of which prevents 'bubbles' occurrence during extrusion due to moisture content within the raw materials.

4. Vacuum-Sealed Packaging

All products are vacuum-packed, with inclusion of desiccant, to inhibit the products from getting damped.

5. 100% Made in Taiwan

All parts are exclusively made domestically in Taiwan, from filaments, the spools, vacuum-sealed storage bags, and to cartons for finished products, as it is crucial for us to have optimized control over product quality and timely delivery.

6. RoHS-compliant And Plasticizer-Free

All products are in full compliance with RoHS regulation.


Printing Conditions

Nozzle Temp.: 200℃ ~ 220℃
Print Speed : 30 ~ 90 mm/s
Thickness : 0.05 ~ 0.4mm
Heated Bed Temp.: necessary (If available, 66 ~ 70℃ is recommended.)
Heated Bed Surface Material: Heating is mandatory for sheer glass surface, 3M Blue Tape is fine otherwise

As different printer models vary by design, users may still need to adjust the settings in order to get the best results (e.g. 0.2mm thickness at 198℃ at 35mm/s).

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