BotFeeder Standard PLA - #1 Top Seller

Standard PLA Features

1. The Cheapest PLA Filament in Canada

We promise BotFeeder Standard PLA is the lowest price across Canada or else we'll beat that price by 5%. Please see detail here.

2. Realiable

BotFeeder Standard PLA has gone through 10,000 hours of printing before it is launched to the market in 2019. Hear what BotFeeder users have to say on Facebook.

3. Stronger PLA

BotFeeder Standard PLA is made to eliminate the common problem that PLA is too brittle and easy to break.

4. Stable Quality

At BotFeeder, the entire production is closely monitored and controlled including filaments' diameter and roundness to ensure customer satisfaction.

5. Excellent Packaging

To ensure the best quality to your hand, all BotFeeder filament products are double vacuum-sealed & packed in a double-layer delivery box

6. Safety

All BotFeeder Filament products are RoHS-compliant and plasticizer-free. view SGS report here.

7. Money-Back Guarantee

Within 15 days by any chance you feel that BotFeeder Standard PLA is over-valued, we're more than happy to send you back a full refund.

Quick Printing Guide

Printing Conditions

Nozzle Temp.: 200℃ ~ 220℃
Print Speed : 30 ~ 90 mm/s
Thickness : 0.05 ~ 0.4mm
Heated Bed Temp.: necessary (If available, 66 ~ 70℃ is recommended.)
Heated Bed Surface Material: Heating is mandatory for sheer glass surface, 3M Blue Tape is fine otherwise

As different printer models vary by design, users may still need to adjust the settings in order to get the best results (e.g. 0.2mm thickness at 198℃ at 35mm/s).

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