Filament Care

Storing Your Filament

Please note that improper storage may damage your filament. To maintain its original quality, it's strongly recommended that the filament be stored in the following conditions:

  • A dehumidifier cabinet or a dry and circulated area
  • Room temperature
  • Avoid direct sunlight or heat source

Selecting A Printer Location

Please note poor printer location will have a negative effect on your print result and possible of damaging your filament. To select the most ideal location for your printer, please follow this guide.

  • Consistent temperature
  • Stable air flow
  • Away from furniture for safety

Avoid Tangling Your Filament

When unpacking, changing filament or unloading, It is strongly suggested to get a good grip at the end of the filament at all times in order to prevent tangling. The spool holder is specifically designed with 2 holes of each side, allowing you to secure the end of the filament by threading into it. or you can simply 3D print a "Filament clip" that is attached to the spool holder itself.

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If Filament Gets Damp

Dry it slowly in room temperature. Please note that heat drying the filament will damages its quality by making it become brittle. The preferred method of drying your filament is to put in a dehumidifier cabinet or in an airtight bag with a few packs of desiccants. It's recommended to maintain a humidity level of 25% or less.