Extruder Temperature: 250 to 260C
Print Bed Temperature: 110 to 120C
Print Speed: 15 to 30mm/sec
Layer Thickness: 0.05mm ot above
Nozzle Size: 0.1mm or above

Extruder Temperature: 200 to 220C
Print Bed Temperature: 66 to 70C (Optional)
Print Speed: 15 to 30mm/sec
Layer Thickness: 0.05mm ot above
Nozzle Size: 0.1mm or above

Extruder Temperature: 185 to 220C
Print Bed Temperature: 60 to 65C (Optional)
Print Speed: 15 to 30mm/sec
Layer Thickness: 0.05mm ot above
Nozzle Size: 0.1mm or above

Filaglow Glow in the Dark
Extruder Temperature: 205 to 225C
Print Bed Temperature: 70 to 80C (Optional)
Print Speed: 15 to 30mm/sec
Layer Thickness: 0.2mm or above
Nozzle Size: 0.3mm or above
Conditions: *Clean nozzle

Filastic Flexible
Extruder Temperature: 220 to 240C
Print Bed Temperature: 110 to 120C (Optional)
Print Speed: 15 to 30mm/sec
Layer Thickness: 0.2mm or above
Nozzle Size: 0.3mm or above
Conditions: *Supple material

Filatron Conductive
Extruder Temperature: 200 to 220C
Print Bed Temperature: 65 to 75C (Optional)
Print Speed: 15 to 30mm/sec
Layer Thickness: 0.2mm or above
Nozzle Size: 0.3mm or above
Conditions: *Clean nozzle

reFilactive Reflective
Extruder Temperature: 230 to 240C
Print Bed Temperature: 70 to 80C (Optional)
Print Speed: 15 to 30mm/sec
Layer Thickness: 0.2mm or above
Nozzle Size: 0.4mm or above
Conditions: *Supple material

*Clean Nozzle
Some materials are very aggressive and will wear your nozzle over time. It is suggested to clean your nozzle tip after every print to maintain your printer at top condition. This apply to Filaglow and Filatron.

*Supple Material
Since the material itself is supple, it is therefore recommended to have the printer built with the stepper motor directly above the tube. This allows the material to exert its maximum thrust as the motor draws it in. The gap between the feeder gear and the tube should be minimal at best (< 5mm is recommended), and the diameter of the tube should be as close as possible to 1.85mm. Also be aware that the feeder gear should not squeeze too tight. Having just enough force to draw in the material will suffice. It is of utter importance that the nozzle and the heated bed are kept at a distance as the preliminary layer is extruding. Failing to do so may result in bending of the material due to excessive resistance, and render the material unable to be drawn into the feeder successfully. When the print is complete, allow the heated bed to cool down prior to removing the print. Attempting to remove the print while the temperature remains moderately high may cause distortions to the print.
Founded in 2012, BotFeeder is a self-owned brand of Liing Shian Colorant. BotFeeder is a brand premium of plastic filament for desktop 3D printer.

Liing Shian Colorant Manufacturer Co., Ltd., a company that possesses 35 years of cumulative experiences in the field of pigments and chemical auxiliaries for plastics/rubber, deals with color masterbatches for all kinds of common and engineered plastics, thermoplastic elastomer and rubber; catering for requests of designated color matching in masterbatches production is part of the services we pride ourselves with. Additionally, our very own R&D team also supplies customized functional masterbatches (e.g. conductive compound, antistatic compound, and flame retardant compound … etc.) and develops special compounding materials.

Since foundation, our company motto has been “Innovative And Dedicated R&D”, “Ultra-Precision Production”, “High-Quality Control”, and “Excellent Product Service”. Hence, we shall continue down the path of such ideal by devoting ourselves into bringing more refined, if not advanced, products through the pursuit of renewed techniques and extensive research. Because to everyone here at Liing Shian Colorant, we believe the greatest honor can only be granted by recognition and support from all prestigious clients.
For those who carry the fundamental knowledge about PLA-materials, it's no easy feat to process PURE PLA-materials in filaments production, and particularly when it comes to controlling diameter of tolerance and roundness. Most filament products available on the market today are typically derived from MODIFIED PLA-materials, which are relatively simple to handle and process. And despite the odds, BotFeeder has managed to successfully produce PURE PLA-filaments after numerous attempts, as we're determined to let users decide what's truly best for them - to solely enjoy the creativity and ingenuity of what 3D-printing-technology may bring at no extra cost of health risks.

BotFeeder PLA-filaments are easy to use, and the prints, as a result, bear remarkably vivid and clear touch in colour. Please refer to BotFeeder 3D Print Gallery for illustrations.

  1. Full compliance of RoHS (Restricted of Hazard Substance)
  2. SGS-tested
Please note poor printer location will have a negative effect on your print result and possible of damaging your filament. To select the most ideal location for your printer, please follow this guide.
  • Avoid direct sunlight or heat source
  • Consistent temperature
  • Stable air flow
  • Away from furniture for safety
Please note that improper storage may damage your filament. To maintain its original quality, it's strongly recommended that the filament be stored in the following conditions:
  • a dehumidifier cabinet or a dry and circulated area
  • room temperature
  • avoid direct sunlight or heat source
When unpacking, changing filament or unloading, It is strongly suggested to get a good grip at the end of the filament at all times in order to prevent tangling. The spool holder is specifically designed with 2 holes of each side, allowing you to secure the end of the filament by threading into it. or you can simply 3D print a "Filament clip" that is attached to the spool holder itself.
Dry it slowly in room temperature. Please note that heat drying the filament will damages its quality by making it become brittle. The preferred method of drying your filament is to put in a dehumidifier cabinet or in an airtight bag with a few packs of desiccants. It's recommended to maintain a humidity level of 25% or less.
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